Talisker Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Scotland

St Barth’s Wine

Sitting amongst the Inner Hebridean Scottish Isles, Skye is rugged, windswept, a place of extremes. The only whisky on Skye, Talisker captures the spirit of its island home perfectly. Bursting with the famous smokiness, the surprising subtle notes of black pepper, and yet rounded with a smooth finish, Talisker is a delicious contradiction. A wonderful award-winning Island malt bottled at above-average strength with a comforting, smooth afterglow.

Talisker Storm is an exuberant new expression of Talisker, more intense and smoky with enhanced and vibrant maritime notes, smoothly balanced by Talisker's signature hot sweetness.

Sweetly mellow and rich followed quickly by a spicy heat, like a Gathering Storm. The flavor is elegantly drawn out with a balance of sweetness, smoke and salt.

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