About Pasqualé

 As a young boy I spent many summers at my uncle's
farm in Pompeii south of Italy, barefoot, crushing grapes. My cousins and I danced
arm in arm in the giant vat, while my father and uncles secretly enjoyed our laughter
in the distance. From these first memories of wine sprouted my love of this astonishing
and multifarious liquid. I grew up in Switzerland, and carried out the majority of my
schooling there, but my parents, being Italian, wanted me to have a little " Latin "
education,and I was packed subsequently, to the Hotel College in Sorrento.
After graduation I travelled to Germany, and then to London, where I assumed
the position of Junior Sommelier at the Savoy Hotel, my first professional position
in the wine industry. After an exceptionally cold and dreary winter in London, I moved
to the Cayman Islands in search of warmer weather. There, I worked at Chef Tell's
Grand Old House as Head Sommelier, where my responsibilities extended beyond
the service of wine to include the creation of the wine list. After working in the uncorking
of wine for several years, I felt the need to see how it was bottled in the first place !
I began as an apprentice cellar worker at Château Prieuré - Lichine, Margaux in France,
owned by Mr. Alexis Lichine, and supervised by their oenologist, Mr. Emile Peynaud.
I simultaneously attended the University of Bordeaux II Institute of Oenology, where I
received a certificate in aptitude and dégustation of wine (DUAD). After this rewarding
experience at the Château, I worked as a Sommelier at some of the most prestigious
restaurants in Bordeaux,including de 2 star Michelin St. James Restaurant in Bouliac.
Although some of my favorite wines come from Bordeaux, I am intrigued by all wines,
and this prompted a nine-month visit to New Zealand, where I participated in the wine
courses of Bob Campbell MW and Montana Wines. In the same spirit, I made an extended
tour of the American wine producing states of Washington, Oregon and California, where
I had the pleasure of participating in wine tasting with Robert Mondavi. My love of good
weather brought me back, once again, to the Caribbean, this time to St. Barthélemy,
where I became the Assistant Wine Sales Manager at La Cave du Port Franc. This position
enabled me to gain a greater appreciation of which wines are more suited to a tropical
climate. And now, I have summoned all of my experience and acquired knowledge to
create St Barths' Wine,a modest advisory, purveyor of fine wines & gastronomic
excellence devoted to the enhancement of your stay in the unique and colourful
Caribbean community of Saint Barthélemy. 


Pasqualé IRACE
your  Wine Guy in St Barths