Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Small Batch Whiskey Kentucky - USA

St Barth’s Wine

Designed by the pioneer Booker Noe after the end of Prohibition as the category standard, Knob Creek whiskeys are inspired by the original recipes of the first great bourbons.

Knob Creek is a deep and dark amber Bourbon Whiskey with an aroma reminiscent of maple sugar, toasted hazelnuts and oak. It offers a robust and intense taste, which you recognize at the first sip and which envelops the palate with intense notes of maple or rye. It has a full and decisive trait: the authentic taste of the old days.

It is excellent smooth or on the rocks. Try Knob Creek Old Fashioned: in an old fashioned glass, wet the sugar lump with angostura and add soda. Melt and melt the lump, add the ice and pour Knob Creek while continuing to mix. Garnish with a slice of orange.

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