Grappa di Chardonnay Nonino Udine - Italy

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The Grappa Chardonnay di Nonino is made from the Chardonnay grape. After distillation, it matures for a short time in the barrique, giving it a slightly amber-colored appearance. For more than 100 years, the Nonino family has stood for the best in fine wine and Grappa enjoyment of the highest quality. 

The distillery is located in Friuli in the northeast of Italy. Innovative ideas have ensured that the name Nonino and her grape reached worldwide popularity. 

In December 1973, Nonino produced a Grappa from only one grape variety, the Monovitigno Nonino, by separately distilling the pomace of Picolit grapes. The immense success caused the Italian and foreign brandy distillers to follow the example of Nonino.

Lightly amber after a maturation from 8 to 10 months in barriques, refined and elegant, it has a scent reminiscent of bread, vanilla and pastry.
On the palate, there are notes of chocolate and newly shelled almonds.

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