Dom Perignon 2010 Magnum 1.5L - Champagne C07

Dom Perignon 2010 Magnum 1.5L - Champagne C07

Dom Perignon 2010 Magnum 1.5L - Champagne C07

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Dom Pierre Perignon set out his vision to "create the best wine in the world" when he became Cellar Master at the sacred Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668.

Over 40 years of dedication to this mission led to him being seen by many as the 'father of champagne', due to his visionary spirit and exceptional daring approach to the winemaking process - in which he effectively laid down the fundamental rules in the method champenoise.

A favored wine of the Sun King Louis XIV, Dom Perignon himself compared his wine to "drinking stars".

The Vintage 2010 Dom Pérignon is revealed on a dazzling, complex and luminous nose where we can distinguish notes of white flowers, citrus fruits and stone fruits. Notes are underlined by a slightly minty touch.

On the palate, it is an immense cuvée. The Vintage 2008 is slender, refined, and invigorating. The fruit is loud and clear, and the acidity, a distinctive sign of this vintage, is remarkably integrated here.

The finish evokes spices and ends with a smoky touch. Already immense champagne in its first fullness, which has equally immense aging potential.

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