Dom Perignon 1995 Plénitude Rosé P2 - Champagne C07

Dom Perignon 1995 Plénitude Rosé P2 - Champagne C07

Dom Perignon 1995 Plénitude Rosé P2 - Champagne C07

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The Plénitude (originally Oenothèque) concept has been years in development at Dom Pérignon. After studying the natural course of aging that vintage champagne seems to undertake, the winemaking team found that, rather than improving steadily and linearly (as is the case with many wines), it develops and matures through three defined stages in its life.

The first release (P1) comes approximately 8 years after the harvest and is the style that most consumers are familiar with. The second stage (P2) takes roughly 15 years, during which time the cuvée takes a profound leap to a new quality level where it will plateau for many years in terms of improvement. Finally, the third plénitude (P3) will see the champagne aging another 20-30 years until it reaches its ultimate peak. 

A really strong pink color with hints of cherry and raspberry. Lots of summer fruits and just a dash of ripe red pepper on the nose.

On the palate there is an evolution from the original release of this vintage with lots of berry fruit: raspberry, strawberry and cherry all prominent.

The finish has a spicy undertone with just a hint of lemon and great refreshing acidity. The aging potential of this champagne is amazing, it seems very young yet is already twenty-four years old!

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