Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Scotland

St Barth’s Wine

This whisky is a testament to the belief that raw ingredients matter. Trickle distilled from 100%  Scottish Barley the spirit gently matures in the lochside village of Port Charlotte before being bottled at the distillery using Islay spring water. The texture is extraordinarily rich with a huge depth of character. The smoldering heat of peat fires pulls you into a whirlpool of islay flavors and aromas but with such finesse that you welcome the storm. Waves of the sweetest, smoothest, warmest smokiest spirit that you have ever experienced flood onto the palate like the Atlantic surf on Saligo Bay.

It is potent, focused and the flavors explode brilliantly onto the palate. Full of depth and complexity, the smokey sweetness of the barley contrasts beautifully with the marine freshness of the spirit and the richness of toffee and vanilla. The complexity is enhanced further with a citrus twist and then mellow oak tempers the fire. Once the taste buds adjust to what is happening, they rejoice in the company and pleasure of this young Celt.

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