2018 Château Maucaillou Moulis en Médoc B03 - Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

Château Maucaillou owes its name to the cadastral name of the land on which it was built in 1875. Its vineyard is part of the oldest terroir of the Medoc. We find traces in various property titles in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The relative audacity of the castle's architectural wager, the overabundance of the decor that evokes the Renaissance, the mid-thirteenth century and the end of the thirteenth century, make this building an excellent example of the eclectic architecture that flourishes in the Médoc region. the end of the 19th century.

The wine terroirs that carry the Château Maucaillou's vineyard are made up of beautiful Quaternary alluvial ridges, largely from the gravelly Garonne tablecloth of Güntz, which is the origin of the Médoc Grands Crus. Blend: 50% Cabernet, 50% Merlot.

A great success for the property, Château Maucaillou 2018 presents the profile of a brilliant vintage with its complexity and the purity of its fruit.

Balanced, the palate offers a deliciously creamy and tasty texture. A very great red wine from Moulis en Médoc signed by Château Maucaillou.

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