Venezia Nespresso Capsules Intensity 08

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The port of Venice was the gateway to coffee in Italy. Venetians became expert blenders and learned about natural green coffee beans. It didn't take long for the first cafes and other coffee shops to open and most had their own roasters offering their own blends. The development of the Ispirazione Venezia mixture wanted to honor this unique heritage, this creativity and this know-how. Our experts wanted to start with one of the most imported coffees in Italy: Arabica from Brazil. We've blended renowned, high-altitude grown South and Central American Arabicas that develop pleasant fruity and malty profiles when roasted.

Ispirazione Venezia is a soft, round coffee with a delicate aroma that is reminiscent of the smell of freshly roasted beans, and will take you back to the early days of the coffee trade in Italy. A light roast allows it to retain all its intensely delicate aromas while giving it a dense body. In Venice, the particular cereal flavor and the comforting caramel notes of the coffee are unforgettable.

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