Trois Rivières Vieux Rhum 12 Yrs Old H06 - Martinique

Trois Rivières Vieux Rhum 12 Yrs Old H06 - Martinique

Trois Rivières Vieux Rhum 12 Yrs Old H06 - Martinique

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Trois Rivières 12-year-old Rum comes from Martinique, where it is scrupulously produced in order to benefit from the Martinique Appellation of Controlled Origin. Let us remember that MartinicanRums are today the only Rums in the world to benefit from this renowned designation, a true guarantee of quality.

The result of a blend of different AOC Martinique grand crus, this Trois Rivières 12-year-old rum has benefited from aging in Bourbon barrels in the cellars of this famous distillery. This aged rum was developed under the watchful and watchful eye of Daniel Baudin, Cellar Master of the House.

The color of this rum is a beautiful amber color with golden reflections. This is a very fatty, very structured rum.

The nose of this 12-year-old Trois Rivières is powerful. Of great intensity and particularly fragrant, it reveals elegant scents of spices and precious wood. This nose then evolves towards more fruity notes (macerated fruits, such as plum and candied orange) enveloped by a few notes of honey. After a long aeration, surprising spicy and peppery notes mingle with those of dried flowers.

The taste of this aged rum is suave, invigorating and mineral. It expresses flavors of spices that explode in the mouth before mingling with notes of brown tobacco, precious wood, dried flowers, all enhanced by fine notes of pepper. This rum is dense.

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