Trois Rivières Vieux Rhum 3 Year Old Cuvée du Moulin - Martinique

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The name of this Trois Rivières Cuvée du Moulin brings to mind the entire history of the Trois Rivières plantation. It has the power of the great vintages, revealing intense, slightly woody aromas which result from its ageing in oak barrel. When the bountiful nature of southern Martinique works its magic, it makes its presence felt: perfectly smooth, controlled structures and a seductive aroma. Unmissable.tages.

This Rum straw-yellow with slight flashes of gold. Full-bodied rum. The initial aroma of this Trois Rivières old rum is dominated by sugar cane and elegant woody notes. White pepper and spices emerge after aeration. This rum has an invigorating taste and a wonderful structure.

The primary flavours of sugar extend into notions of spice and white pepper.The finish of this rum is long, with woody notes and an invigorating mineral quality.


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