Tawny Porto 40 Year Taylor Fladgate - Portugal

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The story begins in 1692 with the arrival in Portugal of an English merchant called Job Bearsley. Little is known about the founder of the firm except that he was the owner of The Ram Inn in London’s Smithfield and his family-owned land in Warwickshire and Staffordshire. He did not initially trade in Port wine but in ‘red Portugal’, the lean and austere wine of the Minho region in the northwest of the country, with its verdant landscape and humid coastal climate. The centers of this trade were the harbor city of Viana do Castelo and the town of Monção on the banks of the Minho River

Taylor’s 40-Year-Old Tawny is a very rare old tawny blend, produced in limited quantities. Selected red Ports produced in the eastern areas of the Douro Valley are matured in seasoned oak casks in Taylor’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here the cool and damp coastal climate encourages a slow and gentle aging process producing aromas of great complexity and finesse.

A sublime Port of very great age which shows the old olive-gold hue of its many years in cask. Decades of evaporation have concentrated this extraordinary wine to an exceptional density, with a powerful nose of dried fruit, honey and a touch of spice.
Impressions of nutmeg, roasted coffee and an intense nuttiness converge both in the bouquet and on the palate.
The wine’s rich, intense, voluptuous, almost viscous texture culminate in a finish of incredible length.

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