Tawny Porto 10 Year Fonseca - Portugal

Tawny Porto 10 Year Fonseca - Portugal

Tawny Porto 10 Year Fonseca - Portugal

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The house of Fonseca traces its origins to the early nineteenth century. The first evidence of the firm trading in Port is an entry dated 8th April 1815, in the ledgers of the Real Companhia Velha, the royal monopoly company.  This records the purchase of 32 pipes of Port by the firm's founder, João dos Santos Fonseca. His first documented sale occurred on 14th September 1815, followed in 1816 by his first overseas shipment.

As it matures in cask, Tawny Port gradually loses the deep red 'ruby' color of youth and takes on the seductive amber hue known as 'tawny'. At the same time, the wine becomes progressively smoother and mellower, its aromas gaining in richness and complexity.

Ten years of wood aging has given this wine its characteristic tawny color and its elegant and complex nose full of rich 'fruit cake' flavors, delicate nuttiness and hints of spice and fine oak.

Russet in color with brilliant crimson highlights and a fragrant, ripe fruit bouquet. Its smooth, silky texture and subtle oak nuances are balanced by fresh acidity and tannic "grip" that culminate in a long, elegant, plumy finish.

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