Ruinart Brut Half-Bottle 375ml G02 - Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

Dom Thierry Ruinart, a visionary Benedictine monk, noticed the growing enthusiasm for Champagne wine. His nephew, Nicolas Ruinart, inherited this passion and officially founded the Ruinart House on September 01 1729 in Epernay.

The champagnes of the house Ruinart rests for 3 years in an underground dug-in chalk more than 30 meters deep under the city of Reims. In 1768, the house acquired these cellars to store its bottles. Classified in 1931, these galleries are composed of three levels over eight kilometers. The Ruinart finds in these places the ideal thermal conditions for its maturation.

A vibrant, clear yellow color with golden reflections. Good brilliance with sustained effervescence and very persistent foam. At first, the nose is delicate, fresh and fruity, filled with white-fleshed fruits pears, and apricots, as well as hazelnuts and fresh almonds.

Several floral and spicy notes add an extra hint of complexity. The finish is long, the well-integrated dosage giving way to the characteristic freshness of the Chardonnay which makes up most of the blend.

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