Roma Nespresso Capsules Intensity 08

St Barth’s Wine

Ispirazione Roma is inspired by the different layers of civilization towering up to the present day, where the Modern adds its layer of elegance to the history of the city. The coffee has a popular taste forged by time and the rich southern Italian influences, enlivened by a dash of modern elegance found in its delicate acidity. Roman roasters shrewdly developed their roasting techniques to achieve an aromatic profile that wisely combined the popular ancient taste with a twist of modernity. To mirror their skill, we gave Ispirazione Roma the shortest and lightest roast of our range.

It results in a subtle balance between the intensity and depth of the woodsy, cereal notes, and the finesse of the acidity and elegant aromatics - true to Rome’s rich history of contrasts. A shot of this Intenso coffee and you’re headed straight into a virtual Roman holiday.

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