Zucchini - Courgettes Organic

Zucchini - Courgettes Organic

Zucchini - Courgettes Organic

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Zucchini is a vegetable that keeps on giving, from the time it flowers to when it is finally picked from the vine.

Actually, zucchini is a fruit much like a tomato. It falls into a botanical berry category called a “pepo,” as the swollen ovary of the flower becomes the zucchini you know from the grocery store or farmers market. In many cultures, it falls into a category called a marrow.

The edible cycle of the zucchini starts with the flower itself. It has a yellow blossom that can be harvested when it is barely open. The flower is considered a delicacy by many. It can be dipped in breading and fried, or just fried without the breading.

Early in its development, when zucchinis are up to 8 inches in length, they are considered immature. At this stage of development,  they are best used raw, grilled, in soup, or in savory favorites after being sliced and sautéed. They may also be layered in lasagna, stewed in tomatoes, deep-fried, or baked in ratatouille.

As the zucchini matures to between 12 and 24 inches in length, it is ideal for the currently popular zoodle dishes. Zoodles are used as a replacement for pasta noodles. As people migrate toward more whole foods, and fewer carbohydrates and processed foods, zoodles can be an awesome substitute.

Zucchini noodles are a great way to increase vegetables in the diet. Spiralizers will make quick work of a zucchini. You’ll be enjoying zoodles in no time!

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