Napoli Nespresso Capsules Intensity 13

St Barth’s Wine

We were inspired by local traditions deeply rooted in the streets and neighborhoods of Naples to choose an intense roasting method, which perfectly expresses the power of this coffee. Enhanced with a Robusta, it has a velvety and creamy texture in cup, an extremely thick body and a pleasant slightly bitter length in the mouth. Ispirazione Napoli pays tribute to the know-how of the Italian coffee capital in terms of roasting.

Ispirazione Napoli is a blend of Robusta from Uganda with a touch of Arabica from South America. We have carefully selected coffees capable of withstanding the degree of intense roasting required for this blend: bold coffees developing aromas, tastes and textures that are both raw and elegant, as a reflection of the Neapolitan traditions deeply rooted among its inhabitants.

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