Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum - Barbados

St Barth’s Wine

Mount Gay is one of the oldest distilleries in the world, its distillery business dating back to 1703, then called Mount Gilboa (Barbados). It owes its current name to Nicolas Sir John Gay Alleyne who was the director and a devout devotee, so much so that in 1852, at his death, the distillery is renamed Mount Gay. 

This 1703 Master Select rum from Mount Gay is a rum from the Barbados Islands assembled in 2017. This is a selection by the Master Assembler of the finest rums that takes place every year for a new edition of this vintage.

Rich amber, like warm burnished copper with even legs. A refined harmony of fruity rich vanilla, banana; and oaky and mocha notes. A delicious balance of raisin, spice and toast

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