Mini Baby-Carrots Peeled

St Barth’s Wine


With the invention of the baby carrot, not only was there a decrease in wasted carrots, but there was also an increase in carrot consumption. This was clearly demonstrated when in 1987, which was the year after the introduction of the baby carrot, there was a 30% increase in carrot consumption. By the 10 year mark of the baby carrot in 1997, carrot consumption had doubled. For an industry that was used to wasting produce, this allowed for less waste and a higher price (due to the additional processing step). Thus, the carrot grower/processor was growing the carrot, processing more while wasting less, and getting a higher return for their product.

Since 1986 when the product originated, new, better, more efficient machinery has been implemented to make the process of making baby carrots more efficient, and therefore, they are streamlining the process and making a better return.

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