Massetino 2021 Tuscany - Italy Red G01

Massetino 2021 Tuscany - Italy Red G01

Massetino 2021 Tuscany - Italy Red G01

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Since the birth of Masseto, in the early 1980s, an extremely strict selection of grapes has always been carried out in order to guarantee the highest possible quality.

In 2017 some of the wines of some recently replanted Merlot and Cabernet Franc parcels, delimited now by a majestic dry-stone wall, were considered for Masseto. While some parcels had not yet developed enough character to be included in Masseto itself, others showed sufficient promise and personality to warrant consideration, along with other components not utilized in the master-blend, for the creation of a second vin – Massetino.

The inaugural vintage of Massetino was 2017, released in 2019, precisely 30 years after the first vintage of Masseto. The Masseto winery, designed by the Italian Architects Zito & Mori, was finished and inaugurated during that same year.

The birth of the second wine and the opening of the Masseto winery was a seminal moment in Masseto’s history and the consecration of Masseto as an Estate.

Massetino’s personality is already self-assured as it shares the same pedigree as Masseto. Just like its elder sibling, it juxtaposes power and opulence with discretion and classicism.

Harmonious and rich, it has a deep red color and nice notes of ripe cherries, gooseberries, blackberries, spicy and balsamic notes. Velvety tannins and satisfying fruit make the sip enjoyable and balanced.

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