Jägermeister Wolfenbüttel - Germany

St Barth’s Wine

In 1897, Curt Mast was born as the son of Wilhelm Mast, a vinegar manufacturer in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. It was the production of spirit drinks however that would become his passion. He spent a lot of time testing and refining until finally coming up with the perfect recipe for his herbal liqueur in 1934 –  made from 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits, and containing 35% vol. of alcohol, Curt Mast had created a herbal liqueur bursting with flavor.

The production of spirits gradually developed into an increasingly important branch of the small business. It nevertheless took some time before he stumbled upon the recipe for a spirituous liquor that was destined to become the world's most successful herb-flavored liqueur. 

The striking logo draws from the tale of Saint Hubertus. Once a wild huntsman, Hubertus had a vision of a mighty stag carrying a glowing cross between its antlers. The vision transformed him and afterward he championed a greater respect for nature, eventually becoming known as the patron saint of hunters. Curt Mast thought this powerful story was a perfect match to his potent elixir and adopted the emblem of the stag in honor of the true ‘Hunting Master’.

The Jägermeister taste is complex, spicy and soul-warming. Well-balanced flavors of citrus, ginger, star anise and a gentle, pleasing herbal bitterness.

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