Havana Club Unión Cohiba H06 Rum

St Barth’s Wine

Tradition and craftsmanship combine perfectly with a confident expression of style and aesthetics in Union, and are suitable for the increasing amount of consumers looking for unique luxury experiences. UNIÓN is an innovation that is created on the heritage and tradition of the ROM and cigar production that is deeply rooted in the soul of two of Fernando Fernandez's iconic brands - Havana Club and Cohiba. Havana Club's Maestro Ronero, Asbel Morales, has a partnership with the most renowned cigar summer chemicals In Cardenas, Fernando Fernandez, returned to the roots of rum and cigar production, and with UNIÓN created a unique taste experience that matches Cohiba cigar the notes perfectly.

The rich aroma of the liquid balances smoky and oak aromas with subtle flavors of citrus, coconut, nuts and coffee. In the mouth, Unión presents a soft wooden palate accented with vanilla, chocolate, nuts and a long, rich and aromatic finish.

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