Havana Club Gran Reserva Añejo15 Year Old Rum

St Barth’s Wine

Havana Club Añejo 15 años has always been produced in very limited quantities - only 58 barrels a year - through a process of blending and aging in old oak barrels selected rums and aguardientes several times. The name "Añejo 15 años" means that what you have in your hands is a fabulous final blend elaborated with rum reserves that have been aged for at least 15 years. This unique aging process helps develop truly distinctive aromas and flavors and gives the extra smoothness that is the hallmark of a top-quality rum. With its distinctive character and elegance,

Añejo 15 años surprised us with a clear, bright and full-bodied liquid, enhanced by a mahogany color. Dried fruits, prunes and raisins aromas stand out with some oak notes. In the mouth, a cascade of well-integrated flavors of sweet fruit, chocolate, coffee, tobacco and spices meet a smooth texture. The finish, a long sweet and complex aftertaste with notes of vanilla and cocoa, confirms that Añejo 15 años is a rum that has been submitted to long and patient natural aging periods.

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