Grappa Berta Magia 10 yrs with Wooden Box Asti - Italy

Grappa Berta Magia 10 yrs with Wooden Box Asti - Italy

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It is the Berta grappa obtained by distilling the pomace of Barbera, Brachetto and Malvasia from the most renowned Piedmontese wineries. The distillery, once in possession of the pomace, eliminates the grape seeds and starts them to be distilled by means of a discontinuous steam plant capable of extracting the highest possible aromatic concentration.

Once the young grappa is obtained, it is aged for 10 years in small barrels of different essences and roasts. Once the long aging period has been completed, the grappa is assembled by taking certain quantities from each cask in order to obtain well-defined aromas and flavor.

With its bright amber color, it gives off warm scents, citrus fruits, tobacco and dried fruit. In the mouth, it is complex, persuasive, velvety, consistently return, all the scents perceived on the nose.

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