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Covering a wide range of cheeses, Chèvre, or Fromage de chévre, describes a proud and bold approach to making artisanal French goats’ cheese - one that has remained committed to tradition for generations. Enjoyed in its fresh variants, it is intense and earthy, with a tangy kick to finish. The texture offers a firm and slightly soft density, with some having a creamy and spreadable consistency. As the cheese ages, the tart aromas and flavors sharpen, becoming increasingly dry and complex. Similarly, the rind hardens, with the interior growing crumbly and dense.

A blend of cultures and rennet are added to raw or pasteurized milk in large vats, helping the milk coagulate and form a dense curd. Once the curd has solidified, it is separated and drained of whey. Workers then ladle the broken curd into special molds, allowing the cheese to rest and breathe. During this process, any remaining whey is strained naturally with the help of a generous coating of salt. This brining enhances the flavor and prevents the growth of any unwanted bacteria. In the case of fresh cheese, virtually no aging is needed.

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