Fiji Natural Artesian Water Plastic-Bottle 6 Pack 1Liter H06 - Fiji Islands

St Barth’s Wine

Natural artesian water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands), is the second-largest imported bottled water brand in the United States. The source is a natural artesian aquifer located in the Yaqara river valley and is continually replenished by rainfall purified by trade winds as it travels across the Pacific Ocean to the islands of Fiji.

A product of one of the last virgin ecosystems on the planet, natural pressure forces FIJI Water out of its aquifer deep below the earth’s surface and into iconic square bottles through a sealed delivery system free of human contact. Our protected source is monitored several times daily to ensure the artesian water is safe and of extremely high quality.

Bottled at the source, our water is pumped through a sealed delivery system free of human contact. The water is filtered to remove any particulate matter, micron-filtered to remove microbiological particles and ultraviolet light is applied to ensure disinfection.

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