Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water 6 Pack 200ml - British

St Barth’s Wine

Too often, when making a G&T, we think so much about the Gin that we forget about the Tonic! Fever-Tree is here to help. The tonic water of choice for new world gin-makers, it lets the spirit shine while subtly enhancing and illuminating with flavors of its own.

A classic Indian Tonic Water in the traditional sense of the word, it is very bubbly, very citrusy and very refreshing. The absence of artificial sweetener allows any spirits you might add to be the star of the show, without any cloying aftertaste.

Take your Gin and Tonic to the next level with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water - if you're investing in unique and excellent quality spirits, they deserve to be paired with nothing less.

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