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Aromatic, sweet and delightfully intricate in flavor, Emmentaler is a semi-hard cheese often identified by interspersed cherry-sized holes. Boasting tones of ripe fruit and hazelnuts, it has no traces of acidity and features an even rind with a firm and dense body. Regarded as an integral part of Swiss heritage, Emmentaler is deeply versatile and suited for all manners of culinary escapades.

Originally from the heartland of the Emme Valley, Emmentaler is traditionally made from raw cow’s milk and can be aged for up to 18 months. Not only limited to Switzerland, but German and French versions also share identical qualities to those of the Swiss variant.

On these pastures, local cows feed on grass and hay that give Emmentaler its distinct sweet flavor. Natural whey and rennet are added to large copper cauldrons filled with raw milk, triggering the formation of curd. The curd is separated by whisks, placed in molds and drained of any excess whey. The molds are then brined and set to age. Temperatures are kept warm, with the purpose of cultivating the iconic eyes in the body. After a minimum of two months, the cheese takes on the characteristics of Emmentaler.

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