Clement White Rhum Agricultural - Martinique

St Barth’s Wine

Homère and Charles Clément, who founded this now very famous range, would be proud of the great agricultural rums AOC Martinique which are produced today in their distillery in the commune of François. Clément 50 ° agricultural white rum is made according to the strict rules defined by the AOC for Martinique rums, from pure, highly aromatic sugar cane juice. 

Crystalline in color, this white rum reveals floral, vegetal and lemon notes on the nose and in the mouth. 

It has been stored in barrels for at least 3 months to allow it to develop a superb range of aromas and fragrances. It sublimated its delicate, finely sweet and fruity flavors and rounded off to turn into the perfect rum to be tasted in Ti'Punch.

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