Carib Lager Beer Bottle 6 Pack 330ml H06 - Trinidad and Tobago

St Barth’s Wine

One of the heavy hitters of the Caribbean, Carib Brewing has breweries in Trinidad, St. Kitts and Grenada. It's a fairly prolific brewery, producing a variety of shandies, a pilsner, a few stouts and even a dark lager. Carib Lager, however, is the most widely available and is the quintessential beach beer. Light, crisp and refreshing and pouring a pale straw gold on the few occasions it makes it out of the bottle and into a glass, Carib is about as smooth as the water on the leeward side of an island.

There's a gentle malty background with a pleasantly sour citrus aftertaste. Even though there's the island spice many of the other beers from the Caribbean exhibit is a bit muted, you can drop a lime in and feel confident it'll beat Corona every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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