Cantaloupe Melon Organic 2 lb - Guadeloupe

Cantaloupe  Melon Organic 2 lb - Guadeloupe

Cantaloupe Melon Organic 2 lb - Guadeloupe

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Cantaloupe Melon is normally eaten as fresh fruit, salad, or dessert with ice cream or custard. Melon pieces wrapped in prosciutto are a familiar antipasto. Vitamin A, found in high levels in cantaloupe, is an antioxidant known for promoting healthy vision and skin, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation.

Amongst other nutrients, cantaloupe nutrition is known for containing two special, protective phytonutrients: carotenoids and cucurbitacins. These two types of powerful antioxidants have been linked with the prevention of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.

Cantaloupe nutrition is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A, in the form of carotenoids. Cantaloupe is considered one of the highest fruit sources of vitamin A, while also providing potassium, and B vitamins including thiamine, niacin, folate, as well as vitamin K, magnesium, and fiber.

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