Cachaça Pachanga 51 S05 - Brasil

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Cachaca 51 is Brazil’s leading brand of Cachaca with over 240 million liters sold annually and is the second-largest selling spirit in the world. Cachaca is a cane-neutral spirit from Brazil that is distilled directly from fermented sugar cane juice. Cachaca 51 is made from the finest varieties of cane crops harvested at the peak of sugar content from the heartland of the plantation area of Brazil.

Cachaca was first produced in the 1530s, soon after Brazil was discovered. This exquisite spirit is distilled from the fresh juice of Brazilian-grown sugar canes and can be enjoyed as part of a variety of cocktails, including the Caipirinha, as well as straight.

Cachaca 51 has a pleasant and sweet aroma with notes of fresh apple and sugar cane juice; spicy, with a sweet and herbaceous finishing in flavor. 

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