Cachaça Leblon S05 - Brasil

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Named after the affluent neighborhood and popular beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leblon Cachaça was founded in 2005.

Leblon is produced at a state-of-the-art distillery, Maison Leblon, in the fertile Minas Gerais region. The distillery's approach to Cachaca production is unique.

Master Distiller Gilles Merlet works on the fermentation, distillation and finishing of Cachaca like a fine Cognac. Using techniques from his native France, Gilles manages every detail of production, from the selection of sugar cane and the fermentation process to the alambique batch-distillation and light cask aging, triple-filtering, and master-blending. Gilles rests the final distillate in XO Cognac casks from France, giving Leblon an extra-special touch.

As a result, Leblon Cachaca has a delicate, fruity aroma, combined with an ultra-smooth finish. Makes the best Caipirinhas ever! But is also phenomenal in a whole range of other cocktails. Try using Leblon instead of Rum, to add an extra dimension to your drinks.

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