Buchanan's 18 yrs Scotch Whisky - Scotland

St Barth’s Wine

James Buchanan was born on August 16th, 1849 in Brockville, Ontario, a small city in Canada. James came from humble origins. His family was not wealthy and did not belong to a whisky dynasty. In 1884 started his own whisky Company, James Buchanan & Co, with the help of William Lowrie, who lent him money to start his business. James was an entrepreneur with natural talent and quickly realized that the majority of the whiskies being sold in the area had very strong heavy flavors. To be unique, he decided to create a lighter, smoother and more refined whisky. He used mature Scotch whiskies that had been aged at least 12 years in the barrel to make his blends.

Distinctive rich and well-rounded whisky. An icon of excellence among Scotch connoisseurs. Full gold. Rich notes of dark chocolate with a hint of caramel, black cherry, honey & almonds. Substantial, tongue-coating whisky. Flavors of sweet oranges, black cherry, nuts & honey. A hint of smoke. Sweet with a hint of dried banana and nuts.

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