Brooklyn Gin Small Batch - New York USA

St Barth’s Wine

The American Brooklyn Gin is produced by Emil and Joe Santos at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery, the first distillery to be licensed in New York since alcohol was banned during "Prohibition" in 1920.

The great virtue of Brooklyn Gin is that all its elaboration is done by hand, from the copper stills for the distillation, to all the ingredients used, only the best plants and fruits purchased locally.

The process begins with a neutral spirit, made entirely from New York corn, infused with hand-split juniper berries, fresh-cut citrus peel and other medicinal botanicals.

During the tasting, the Brooklyn Gin Small Batch offers a clean and balanced structure, with a crystalline aspect, as well as lively notes of fleshy and juicy fruits, supported by a skeleton of juniper, which lasts with a pleasant, sweet and dry finish.

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