Bombay Sapphire Gin East London

St Barth’s Wine

Bombay Sapphire East was launched in 2011. It was the first time since Bombay Sapphire’s 1987 launch that the line was expanded upon.

Black pepper feels almost like the primary flavor in Bombay Sapphire East when sipped neat. It complements the mellow juniper backbone fantastically.

Chilled, but still not mixed, you begin to get a bit more of the lemongrass and the herbals underneath. It’s here that Bombay Sapphire East begins to taste a lot like its older brother Bombay Sapphire.

The lemon/citrus notes are a little more muted here. There’s a nutty sweetness, its a combination of the almond and the cassia bark that come together to create a flavor that is both, but neither simultaneously. It may be the addition of the two new botanicals, lemongrass and Vietnamese peppercorns, but the Bombay Sapphire East is more balanced and a bit more complex.

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