Balsamic Vinegar Don Cesare - Italy

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The finest balsamic Vinegar are born in the lovely rolling hills of Modena, between the Secchia and Reno River valleys in the provincial northwest of Italy. Balsamics are a study in balance and contrast. Sweet and sharp. Spicy and mellow. The process begins with gently crushing the wine grapes and concentrating their juice over an open flame. Then the sweet thick grape "must" is fermented once by yeast to make alcohol. Then fermented again by the "madre" culture to make the smooth and subtle sourness for which Balsamics are known.

White Balsamic Vinegar lends itself well to a stunning vinaigrette, it may find its highest expression in distinctly un-vinegar-like roles such as a splash on fresh fruit or ice cream. It should come as no surprise that when Balsamic Vinegar was first produced, more than 600 years ago, it was reserved exclusively for the use of the nobility by Ducal fiat.

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