Badoit Sparkling Water Glass-Bottle 6 Pack 750ml - France

St Barth’s Wine

Richard Marin de Laprade, an honorary physician to King Louis XVI described the effects of Saint-Galmier water and formally recognized it as having virtues that “enhance the appetite, sooth digestion and make cheerful the spirit” - in other words, virtues that stimulate the mood and lift the spirit. Thus began the story of Badoit! In the late 1830s, the success of the spa and sales of Saint Galmier water was so great that the community asked a young entrepreneur to take charge of its development. 

A thirty-six-year-old silk salesman named Auguste Badoit became the man of the hour. A gift of Nature: Badoit emerges naturally sparkling at its spring. Badoit sources its water beneath the small town of Saint-Galmier, located in the Loire Region of Southern France, at the foot of Mount Forez.

Badoit Natural Mineral Water begins its long journey 153 meters below ground through granite soil that naturally endows it with native carbon dioxide gas. As it journeys through various mineralogical strata, it acquires its sparkle, finesse and unique mineral properties. It springs forth at a constant temperature of 16°C to give us the hydrating properties and trace elements that make it so rich: magnesium (80 mg/L), calcium (153 mg/L), fluoride and, above all, valuable bicarbonates (1,250 mg/L).

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