Antica Cuvee Riserva Aged 5 Years Grappa Nonino Friuli - Italy

St Barth’s Wine

Giannola Nonino is one of the most important entrepreneurs in the Italian oenogastronomic overview. Her company, well known all over the world, has been the protagonist of the renaissance of Italian Grappa, the most ancient distillate of Northern Italy. The Nonino tradition started in 1897 with Orazio and has come to our days with Giannola and Benito.

Distilled in batch steam stills according to the Family’s ancient tradition in special and exclusive stills renewed by Benito Nonino. Distillation, 100% with artisanal method, takes place very slowly, with head and tail removal, batch by batch, at the right moment, preserving only the purest and best part of Grappa: the heart. Each batch is a unicum, a “unique event”.

Fresh pomace varieties, selected by the Nonino family, among which Cabernet, Merlot and Schioppettino
Visual Sensation Amber, luminous and enveloping.
Olfactory Sensation Wide and intense with a scent of strudel, pastry, cherries and chocolate.
Taste Sensation Rich and velvety, in the mouth it confirms its aromatic shades with the addition of apricot, vanilla and almond fruity notes. Always charming

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