2022 Domaines Ott Coeur de Grain Organic Rosé Château Romassan - Bandol CP07

2022 Domaines Ott Coeur de Grain Organic Rosé Château Romassan - Bandol CP07

2022 Domaines Ott Coeur de Grain Organic Rosé Château Romassan - Bandol CP07

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In 1896 after a tour of France’s many vineyards, Marcel Ott, a young graduate in agronomy engineering from Alsace, finally found an estate that inspired him. To set the scene, we are in Provence. The Mediterranean is lapping at the shore a mere stone’s throw away...

Cœur de Grain represents wine-making genius, and its bottle could be considered a veritable master-stroke...What proud and skilled vintner, has never dreamed of providing their wine with the sanctum of an exclusive, unique and instantly recognizable bottle? In 1930 René Ott did exactly that. He who never stopped loving Provence, its hills and shorelines punctuated by Cypresses and uninterrupted rows of vines, created a bottle with slender curves inspired by the grace of the landscape.

The distinguished elegance, fullness and lovely taut character of the Château Romassan Rosé are the results of meticulous vine tending and winemaking. Each plot is worked in accordance with its intrinsic qualities but the vines all grow in typical Bandol terroirs: arid soil ( limestone, sandstone and sandy marl ) and exceptionally dry, sunny weather.

These characteristics ensure that Mourvèdre, the major grape in this blend, fulfills its potential and provides solidity, structure and a great capacity for aging. It is complemented by the full-bodied texture of Grenache, the softness of Cinsault and, for its small contribution, the fruity roundness of Syrah.

Its pale, ethereal pink color tinted with gold or orange, releases a bouquet of citrus fruits and white orchard flowers.

On the palate, the immediate effect is lively and bright, revealing notes of pink grapefruit, fleshy fruit and, once the wine has had a chance to breathe, hints of fruit tart. The finish is complex and lasting.

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