2019 Château Beychevelle Saint Julien B03 - Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

Imagine the château at the beginning of the 17th century… The first Duke of Épernon has just become its owner. The reputation of this great French admiral was such that as boats passed in front of his estate, they would lower their sails to show their allegiance. This deep mark of respect gave rise to the château’s emblem, a ship with a griffon-shaped prow; its name in Gascon, Bêcha vêla, meaning “ baisse voile ” -“ lower the sails ”, later became Beychevelle.

The second Duke of Epernon further added to the legend of Beychevelle…
A great patron of the arts, he invited a troupe of actors to stay and perform at the château, among them was the young Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, otherwise known as Molière. Close your eyes a moment and you can see him performing at Beychevelle with his friends, to the delight of the Duke, and of our imagination.

Deep garnet colored, roaring out of the glass with bombastic scents of baked blackcurrants, plum preserves and Black Forest cake plus touches of potpourri, cedar chest and iron ore.

The palate has evolved black fruit flavors and a firm, chewy texture, finishing with nice freshness and a spicy kick.

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