2010 Vega Sicilia Unico Ribera del Duero - Spain Red

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La Bodega Vega Sicilia is much more than a winery, is a legend, synonymous with prestige, it is the most prized Spanish wines. The story goes back to 1862 when Eloy Lencanda founded the winery in Valbuena de Duero as we know it now. After several owners, who knew how to forge the name of Bodega Vega Sicilia, turning it into a myth. In 1982, the winery was acquired by the Álvarez family. After its fermentation, it goes through what is probably the world's longest aging of red wine, almost 10 years between wood and bottle.

The different stages take place in different types of the barrel: American and French wood, new and used 225-liter barrels, 20,000-litre vats, each batch is what determines the type of wood and the time spent in each container after the stage in the wood, it is aged in the bottle to complete a long and complex aging process. It will normally spend 6 years in wood and three in the bottle.

Grapes: 94% Tinto Fino, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon

It's aging in barrels, tuns and bottles slowly patinated the color and the nose of this blend dominated by Tempranillo: gourmet, delicate and melted aromas, between blackcurrant, sweet spices and cocoa. 

The power of this wine is expressed with a masterful length. It acquires elegance and firmness and an aging capacity within the reach of very few wines in the world

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