Brie de Meaux French Cheese
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Famed for its fluffy white rind and smooth interior, Brie is a genuine delicacy of opulent splendor. Made using milk from either cows or goats, the flavor is soothing, mellow and has a suggestion of nuttiness. Subtle tones of fresh mushrooms and sautéed butter cover its profile, extending into a creamy and smooth finish. A slice of tempered Brie has a soft texture, sometimes slightly runny.

Often compared to Camembert, Brie is milder and has lighter tones of cream and butter, whereas Camembert holds deeper tones of mushrooms and herbs. Both are covered in iconic white mold rinds - completely edible and full of flavor.

The process begins with pasteurized or raw milk from cows, and enzymes and rennet are added to the milk, helping it coagulate and curdle. A yeast culture is also added to foster the white mold. Once the curd has formed, it is cut and ladled into molds, and excess whey is drained off. It is then carefully brined to prevent excess mold while also regulating acidity, as too much would impair the smooth flavor. The cheese then rests for a week, encouraging the rind to bloom and the nuances to enhance.

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