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There are two sub-categories of Champagne: “Brut” and “Demi-Sec”. These two designations are defined by the amount of sugar cane in the wine. Different types of Champagne range between Demi-sec and Brut, depending on how much sugar cane is in them. A demi-sec Champagne will contain between 33 and 50 grams of sugar, whilst a dry "sec" champagne will contain between 17 and 35 grams. An extra-dry Champagne will contain between 12 and 20 grams of sugar, and a brut Champagne will have less than 15 grams. Demi-Sec, being the most sugary variety, normally drinks with dessert, and inversely, the low-sugar Brut Champagne can be enjoyed as an aperitif and throughout the meal, as it has a lively and refreshing taste.


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