Pisco Waqar Pisquera Tulahuén C02 - Chile

Pisco Waqar Pisquera Tulahuén C02 - Chile

Pisco Waqar Pisquera Tulahuén C02 - Chile

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Made by Pisquera Tulahuén with 170 years of tradition, Pisco Waqar is an ultra-premium distillate with a designation of origin, made on a human scale from Chilean wine, obtained 100% from Muscat grapes grown in a pure and ancestral terroir in Tulahuén Valley, at the foot of the Andes Mountains, and still harvested by hand.

The nose offers subtle aromas of ripe grapes, which develop into light floral and exotic fruit notes. This is a lovely, fresh brandy with hints of pits, red fruit and lychee.

The aeration transforms this pisco into a real perfume, which takes on fruity spices such as Sichuan pepper. The red fruits become more precise, we think of raspberry and redcurrant while enjoying a little white wine acidity with hints of passion fruit.

The palate is just as fruity and floral as the nose, and we find our acidic side of passion fruit with Sichuan pepper. The texture is light, and the touch rather dry, with the alcohol evaporating ostensibly on the palate.

Transparent, natural and aromatic, without chemical components, without wood and without sugar.

The finish is a little peppery and vegetal, with floral flavors that linger for a while.

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