Vermouth del Professore Bianco Italian Aperitif

St Barth’s Wine

With the Classico they have recreated the Vermouth style popular in Italy at the end of the 18th century. The Muscat base wine is enriched with aromatic and medicinal herbs, picked on the Alpine heights around Turin, along with a great many traditionally-used exotic spices. The vermouth they produce aspires to reappropriate its traditional and rightful role as a ready-to-drink aperitif.

Deep, powerful. A hint of something medicinal and licorice-based, with syrupy fruits (apricot, raisins). Aromatic plants, herbs and candied citrus fruits (lemon, orange) rise to the surface. It gradually expands into a rich sense of exoticism (banana, pineapple).

Voluptuous even in its bitterness. The latter serves as its backbone. It gains in power and intensity, reaching a formidable crescendo in its maturity. Simply perfect, it stands out through the freedom of its expression. Emptied, the glass returns to grape skin.

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