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Taylor's Velvet Falernum Rum Liqueur was first created by John D Taylor of Bridgetown in 1890. Is a sweet rum liqueur flavored with bitter almond, ginger, limes, and cloves, vanilla? Is used to flavor tropical-style cocktails, or drunk alone on the rocks. It is often described as a “syrup” rather than a liqueur. This is because there are nonalcoholic simple syrup versions that can be used to flavor drinks without the additional alcohol.

Falernum originated in the 1700s and became a popular mixer for tiki drinks during the 1930s, found in drinks such as Mai tais, Zombies, and others. 

Both Victor Bergeron, aka Trader Vic, and Don Beach aka Don the Beachcomber claim to have invented the Mai tai. Of the two versions, Trader Vic’s used Falernum, while Don Beach’s version used orgeat, an almond-flavored syrup.

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