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Star of Bombay is an exceptional gin with a surprising twist. All of the spices in Star of Bombay gin are slowly and individually distilled. The vapor infusion process is slowed down to increase the essential oils’ level of extraction and to enhance the spices’ aromatic notes. This produces an intensely rich and complex gin.

Star of Bombay is a blend of 12 spices, which include Sicilian bergamot and ambrette seeds from Ecuador that go perfectly with the ten spices used in Bombay Sapphire’s original recipe. These new spices add a delicate, elegant floral note, and a hint of lemon to this outstanding gin.

Star of Bombay London Dry Gin has a loud, highly aromatic nose with coriander and angelica loud and clear just as in standard Bombay Sapphire. Pine and juniper evident a bit lower, as crystalline pine needles on an icy morning with a stiff jolt of bitter citrus. Really quite nice, although not a far cry from your standard Sapphire. 

Hibiscus and a light floral note upfront, the mid-palate is angelica and juniper, becoming a bit peppery and earthier on the finish. Coriander certainly, a bit loudly, but also darkened by bitter citrus rind, grains of paradise/cubeb, even a note of anise/licorice and other unresolved spice, finishing in the muddy low notes with an almost aperitif like bitterness.

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