Schweppes Premium Ginger Ale 200ml

St Barth’s Wine

Founded in 1783, Schweppes is one of the oldest lemonade companies in the world. The brand may be an oldie, but it is far from old-fashioned. Schweppes keeps its finger on the pulse, as it unveils its new Schweppes, designed to be the perfect mixers for sparkling long drinks. Schweppes Ginger Ale follows exactly this credo in a fizzy and spicy way!

The Golden Ginger Ale from Schweppes’ was developed to complement spirits perfectly. Got a soft spot for excellent vodka or premium whisky? With Schweppes Ginger Ale, you can be sure to satisfy your thirst. It can be combined with both beverages without compromising the taste of the spirit.

The notes of Golden Ginger Ale magnificently underline the nuances of the high-quality spirits and bring in sparkling freshness.

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