2016 Sancerre Génération XIX Alphonse Mellot Loire Valley White

St Barth’s Wine

Together with Cuvée Edmond, Generation XIX, named after Alphonse Mellot Jr the 19th genesis to own and run this Domaine, is Sancerre at its most complex and detailed. Dense and undeniably audacious essay in Sancerre Sauvignon. This wine represents all of the perfectionism, precision, history and hard work that define the Mellot Domaine. Made from the oldest vines in La Moussière vineyard, approximately 90 years of age. Only 500 cases per year get to see the light of day. 2012 is strikingly decisive and perfectly ripe with the tell-tale sense of chalky minerality that Mellot lovers crave in this cuvée. It's like drinking stone.

The wine unfolds on the palate, not unlike a coiled, high-ranking Burgundy. A concentrated gooseberry scent is accompanied by green bell pepper and wet slate on the nose. Rich and muscular, with a faint hint of oak, but lifted by harmonious lively acidity. The long, slightly herbal finish harbors notes of blackcurrant, ginger and anise.

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